2012-Present – Director of Enterprise IT Architecture & Strategic Architecture

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Enterprise Business Collaboration

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Enterprise Portal Manager

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2002-06 – Manager, Integrated Technical Architecture (ITA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Managed technical architecture team to provide support for Integrated Technical Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration products, including IBM WebSphere application server, IBM HTTP Web server, Cisco Content Services Switch and IBM Network Dispatcher load balancers, IBM MQSeries messaging middleware and data transformation services, Interwoven TeamSite content management server, and Autonomy and Google search engine servers. Interfaced regularly with business owners and technical application teams of 28 enterprise applications to gather requirements, lead architecture upgrades and migrations, and ensure product troubleshooting support.

Developed requirements for Integrated Technical Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration maintenance and production support contract. Wrote contract Statement of Objectives and created transition plan. Solicited requirements and feedback from business owners and addressed transition risks and concerns. Served as panel member of the contract competition. Led the contract transition. Held weekly transition meetings with outgoing/incoming staff and business owners, and reported status of transition to senior management. Coordinated logistics associated with new vendor coming on board.

Prepared monthly Project Management Office scorecard reports, and weekly status reports to senior management on status of maintenance and production support.

Annually prepared $4 million project budget and business case for evaluation by the Investment Review Board.

Delivered presentations to a wide variety of audiences about scope of services and support, current architecture, and standard tools and methodologies of the Integrated Technical Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration projects.

Participated in enterprise application capacity planning efforts and production issues problem solving. During major technical crises, provided guidance to technical architecture team on appropriateness of each proposed solution and produced and delivered reports to senior management on status of issues.

Orchestrated architecture upgrade planning and communications for IBM WebSphere, IBM IHS, Interwoven TeamSite, IBM MQSeries, IBM Network Dispatcher, and Oracle product upgrades. Created high-level sequencing diagrams that depicted application upgrades, workflow, dependencies, and timelines. Analyzed the technical impact of architecture upgrades for each application. Conducted communications outreach by delivering presentations to 14 enterprise application owners and their teams to share details of the architecture upgrades and sequencing plans. Captured minutes and issues for each meeting, and responded to technical issues and concerns, and distributed lessons learned and migration checklists. Coordinated technical architecture team support for implementing architecture upgrades.

Spearheaded the evaluation of Google search engine against existing Autonomy search engine technology. Met with Google and Autonomy representatives to provide requirements and negotiate support. Oversaw development of the Google search prototype and gathered feedback. Presented technical diagrams, cost savings projections, and final recommendation to Architecture Working Group for approval. Provided guidance on failover and disaster recovery strategy. Directed purchase of Google appliances and oversaw implementation.

Chaired the Student Aid Internet Gateway contract competition. Managed the schedule, directed the review panel, and reviewed four proposals. Consolidated panel remarks into the consensus review and wrote final recommendation. Participated in contract negotiations. Presented panel recommendation to Contracting Officer.

Participated in gathering requirements from business owners and application team, evaluated tools, and engaged in the selection of an architecture solution for several enterprise applications, including the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) Data Mart and the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) data mart.

Provided technical guidance and direction during the implementation of Cisco Content Services Switch load balancer into the Integrated Technical Architecture to support load balancing of the high-traffic Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

Provided performance testing for Schools Portal enterprise portal application. Set up meetings with the business owner to detail the scope of the testing and provide test results. Seven business processes were tested successfully. Schools Portal was able to handle 250 concurrent users for one hour in a multiple clone environment.

Led Post Implementation Reviews of Integrated Technical Architecture Release 3.0 and Enterprise Application Integration Release 3.0. Compiled documentation and responded to questions from independent review team.

Reviewed Integrated Technical Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration deliverables for quality, completeness, and provided comments where deliverables were weak. Directed Independent Verification and Validation contractor to provide architecture planning and documentation reviews. Prepared recommendations for deliverable acceptance when quality standards were met.

1999-2002 – Ecommerce Project Manager

Represented the U.S. Department of Education on USA Services, an inter-agency E-Government initiative that established standard federal customer relationship architecture. Attended USA Services Partner meetings, reported to Office of Management on activities and issues, and collaborated with management team to determine official position and solutions.

Led development of the Program Guidance Document Search application. Guided the team in the development of a Web application utilizing standard architecture including Autonomy, Interwoven, Oracle, and IBM WebSphere. The project provided staff with a Java Server Pages-based search interface to a repository of documents in imaged and stored in digital format.

Led development of the Front2Back on the Web application for FSA University. Developed site design and Dreamweaver templates, stylesheets, and graphics, and oversaw team of developers. Coordinated requirements, design, development, and testing.

Coordinated technical requirements, design, development, and testing for the redesign and reengineering of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web site. Consulted in all activities, project plans, and deliverables. Established standards for usability and implemented an interface design that was “better than world class.” Worked closely with partners in the design of high-performance Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application architecture. Participated in performance testing, capacity planning, and functional testing.

Collaborated with senior technical management and modernization partner consultants in development of a standardized Solution Life Cycle model for enterprise software and Web development activities.

Conducted research and determined best practices in the design and development of an integrated Call Center system for the agency’s 13 call centers. Collaborated in the development of a Best Practices in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) handbook.

Authored Graphical User Interface (GUI) standards for enterprise Web development projects. Specifications included the coding, accessibility, and usability standards, as well as a standardized methodology.

Detailed to the Office of FirstGov at the General Services Administration (GSA) for three months (2001). Authored requirements documents for acquisition of taxonomy creation and content management tools and a government-wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

1998-99 – Manager of Web Development and Operations

Co-managed multiple iterations of interagency portal web site (http://www.students.gov/) for Access America for Students initiative. Conducted risk analysis, developed project workplan, and co-managed team of contractors. Designed site architecture diagrams and business process workflows. Developed application logic and database design. Co-coordinated focus groups and design sessions. Implemented sophisticated, user-friendly site graphical interface and navigation system.

Conducted requirements specification process and developed use case scenarios for search engine enhancements. Wrote Natural Language/Artificial Intelligence Search Engine pilot proposal. Defined system requirements, developed project schedule, established development lifecycle, and business case.

Ensured that IT capabilities aligned and supported business requirements. Prepared $3.2 million IT budget and business case for evaluation by the SFA Investment Review Board. Developed web site development and operations budget and business case.

Collaborated in industry-related standards development workgroups, including the Virtual Student Account Network and the Postsecondary Education Standards Council. Reviewed and analyzed emerging application architectures, technology standards, including XML and EDI, as well as related business models, and evaluated each technology’s ability to add substantial value to student financial aid business processes.

Analyzed network capacity, performed cost-benefit analysis, and managed migration of web and database servers to the Virtual Data Center. Managed upgrade of server architecture, operating system, and application and database servers, and conducted testing and problem resolution.

Managed system security assessments and defined requirements, and wrote and implemented system security plan. Oversaw system access accounts and levels as System Security Officer.

1996-1998 – Webmaster

Served as overall project manager and oversaw site planning and development processes of the U.S. Department of Education’s Project EASI (Easy Access for Students and Institutions) web site (http://easi.ed.gov/). Managed two redesign projects, including an overhaul of existing site design and information architecture, and implementation of a dynamic, database-driven site.

Designed web site user interface, information architecture, site structure, and navigation scheme. Developed original graphics, animation, splash presentations, and JavaScript-enabled special effects. Determined color schemes and typography, and wrote system documentation, including coding standards and naming conventions. Developed and optimized code, graphics, and client-side scripts.

The Early Years: Student Government Leadership

Some of the most astounding life experiences.

1994-96 – Midwest Field Organizer, United States Student Association (USSA)

Represented the nation’s oldest and largest student organization as the Midwest Regional Field Director (1994 – 1996) and as a member of the Executive Committee on the USSA Board of Directors (1992 – 1993).

1993-94 – Student Body Vice President, Indiana University Student Association (IUSA)

Led one of the largest and most active student governments in the United States as Student Body Vice President (1993 – 1994).



1992-93 – Program Analyst of the IUSA Safety Escort Service

Served as Program Analyst of the IUSA Safety Escort Service (1992 – 1993)

1990-91 – Director of Advocacy, Indiana University Student Association (IUSA)

Served as Director of the IUSA Advocacy Department (1991 – 1992).